PHI Group Forms Joint Venture with OIC NEW to Process Agricultural Products for Healthcare and Beauty

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PHI Group Forms Joint Venture with Nanotechnology Company to Process Agricultural Products for Healthcare and Beauty

New York, NY, January 11, 2017 -- PHI Group, a U.S. public company focusing on acquisitions and investments in special situations (, (OTCMarkets: PHIL), has signed an agreement with Nhat Hai New Technology JSC, a Vietnam-based company specializing in applied research and nanotechnologies (, to form a joint venture company in the United States to apply the latter’s nanotechnologies for the production of various nano products.

The joint venture company plans to produce and market a number of nano products such as food supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal health treatments, paints and environmentally-related goods. Initially, PHI Group will use Nhat Hai’s nanotechnologies to particularly focus on the processing of select medicinal plants, fruits and vegetables for Abundant Farms, including turmeric (curcuma longa), bitter melon (momordica charantia), xao tam phan (paramignya trimera), and sacha inchi (plukenetia volubilis) for food, healthcare and beauty applications.

PHI Group’s management believes that by using proprietary enhanced bioavailable nutrient and natural symbiotic immune systems to grow superlative organic medicinal plants and vegetables and applying nanotechnologies for processing, we will be able to produce superlatively organic and natural products that are expected to greatly improve human health by reducing illness, cancer and premature death. 

The Company has set up a subsidiary “Abundant Farms, Inc.,” a Florida corporation, to acquire a 408-acre farm in Holmes County, Florida, which is a qualified Targeted Employment Area, as defined by the EB-5 Investor Visa Program of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The Company plans to provide opportunities for international investors to become U.S. permanent residents by investing $500,000 each directly in Abundant Farms’ superior organic and natural farming program. ( PHI Group is currently investigating additional farming properties near Holmes County for further acquisition.

Luu Minh Hai, Chairman of Nhat Hai New Technology JSC, stated:” We look forward to working with PHI Group to fully deploy our available nano technologies for broader applications and continuing to develop new ones in the pipeline. We are confident that our combined strengths will create significant long-term value for all shareholders and stakeholders of both companies.”

Henry Fahman, Chairman and CEO of PHI Group, concurred: “We are delighted to partner with Mr. Luu Minh Hai and Nhat Hai’s highly creative and innovative team to first apply their portfolio of nano technologies for our Abundant Farms’ organic farming program. We also expect to broaden the scope of application to include other products in the future.”

About PHI Group

Founded in 1982, PHI Group primarily focuses on acquisitions as a principal and invests in special situations in large, growing markets that may substantially enhance shareholder value.

About Nhat Hai New Technology JSC

Nhat Hai is engaged in applied research, technology transfer and receipt of nano technologies. It is the first company in Vietnam specializing in producing high quality nano, starting from the production of nano products for industrial and agricultural sectors and then proceeding to the production of high-end products for nano medical services, including nano iron, nano copper, nano silver, nano calcium, nano titanium dioxide, nano silicon dioxide, nano chitosan, nano curcumin (turmeric) and nano sensor materials.

Liquid Nano Curcumin OIC is available in large pharmacies in Vietnam. Please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 1900636913 or access DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS to receive information of the nearest pharmacy.

The product is not a medicine and cannot replace medicines

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