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New eye drops could make glasses obsolete for people with sight problems

Eye drops developed by researchers in Israel could one day address problems on eye corneas, making glasses obsolete.

Israeli researchers from the Shaare Zedek Medical Center and Bar-Ilan University claim their new "nanodrops" improved short-sightedness and far-sightedness when tested on pig corneas, reports The Jerusalem Post.



Nanodrops contain synthetic nanoparticles which help correct issues on the eye's cornea that cause vision problems.

In order for the nanodrops to work as intended, patients first need to launch an app which would measure their eyes' refraction. This would provide data on how much adjustment needs to be made. Then a laser pattern would be created and "stamped" on the corneal surface of the eyes through a surgical procedure. The nanodrops will later be applied for the finishing touch.

Dr. David Smadja, one of the ophthalmologists involved with the nanodrops, said it was "a new concept for correcting refractory problems" in eyes.

However, Dr. Smadja did not specify how much and how often the nanodrops would be used to fix sight problems.

If the research proves successful, contact lenses and eye glasses could become a thing of the past.


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